The principle objective of the Semiconductor Survival Course is to provide participants with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the semiconductor world. Although a one day course does not permit an exhaustive coverage of the subject matter, emphasis is placed on making the participants feel comfortable talking and asking questions about technology issues. Simply stated, the course aims to remove the fear associated with not being up-to-speed on the jargon and buzzwords which have become a normal part of everyday life in the semiconductor industry.

The material is presented in a crisp, light, and completely non-threatening manner. Participants with little or no technical background will soon become comfortable with the basics of electronics, the operation of semiconductor devices, and the world inside a semiconductor company. Complex jargon is explained in plain English, and complex principles are made understandable by the use of simple analogies.

The course itself is split into modules, each of which covers a particular aspect of the subject matter:

· Introduction to Electronics
· Electronic Building Blocks
· Digital Logic
· Semiconductor Technology and Performance
· Integrated Circuits
· Semiconductor Markets
· How a Semiconductor Company Manages its Business
· Who's Who in a Semiconductor Company
· Putting It All Together

According to the specific requirements of corporate clients, modules may be customized to maximize participants exposure to those aspects of the material which are particularly relevant to their everyday needs.

The course is delivered by presenters who maintain an enthusiastic energy level throughout the entire course. The presenters themselves are well versed in the subject matter (having a combined experience in the industry of over 40 years) and have excellent presentation skills. They make liberal use of examples and analogies, enabling the participants to relate to unfamiliar material which is being presented. Using these proven techniques, retention of the material is maximized.


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