for Corporate Clients


The Semiconductor Survival Course can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and offered at significant cost savings at your facility. Customized programs address important company issues in a confidential environment, build a team with a common language, and save travel time and costs for participants. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

All public seminars offered by the Richwood Group can be arranged as "in-house" sessions for our corporate clients.

$200 per person for 15 people ($3,000 minimum)
$150 for each additional person
Price is for Bay Area locations. For other areas, add travel/accommodation expenses

Classroom style course room
Flip chart or marker board
Overhead projector and screen
Projector stand
Refreshments (optional)

Course leader(s)
Workbooks and handouts
Instructional videos
Hands-on display items

Weekday, weekend or evening sessions may be scheduled. The course requires 7 1/2 hours of instruction time. We recommend adequate time for breaks... at least one 15 minute break in each of the morning and afternoon sessions.


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